Follow the Pattern,
Break the Speed

The unique oscillating mopping system perfects the mopping function on a robot. It moves back and forth to mimic hand mopping, but 5x faster to tackle the most annoying stains.

*Compared to manual mopping. Data from yeedi lab.
manual mopping
yeedi vac 2 pro
Sense It, Dodge It
Advanced 3D obstacle avoidance technology recognizes daily objects in its way and reacts timely to dodge them. Start cleaning without having to pick up the clutter first.
*Compared to yeedi vac series.
Your Clean, Your Call

Intuitive yeedi app with grandma-friendly controls lets you set different vacuuming and waterflow levels for different messes, set cleaning sequence - from the bedroom, living room to the kitchen, to avoid cross contamination, clean specific room and area for a more customizable cleaning experience.

Better Together

Works with yeedi self-empty station for auto dustbin cleaning. With a 2.5L dust bag, yeedi locks 30 days of dirt in place so you can forget about vacuuming for a whole month.

*Sold separately.