Who Said It Has to Be Solemn to Be a Robot?

yeedi Floor 3 series lets function and aesthetics coexist. The groundbreaking design fits seamlessly into your home décor
Polishing finish oozes superiority
Stylish colorway with rose gold embellishment
Blinking light livens up your routine

Restore Your Floor‘s Original Beauty

Dual power spin mopping system mops with force to the floor to wipe off stubborn stains and the 5100Pa leading suction sucks up all dirt with ease.
Two mops spin and exert force to the floor
5100Pa leading suction sucks up dirt like a hurricane

Merely 5 Empties in a Whole Year

yeedi Floor 3+ self-empties the dustbin.The dust bag in a sealing design with a capacity of 3.2L locks up to 75 days of dirt in place
yeedi Floor 3+

Self-Clean and Dry the Mops

yeedi Floor 3 Station washes the mops automatically to make sure they are always clean. And it also dries them with heat when cleaning completes to avoid odor generation.
yeedi Floor 3 Station

Stay Tuned

yeedi Floor 3 series will be available soon. Sign up to get first-hand information.